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Ultra Thin Design Board
Sku #:Ultra Thin Design Board
Ultra Thin Design Board


Price: $35.00 
Design boards are a very useful tool for your quilting adventure. They can sometimes be bulky, but these are very thin, strong, and portable. A block can be arranged securely on a board, travel to the sewing machine, travel to the ironing station, and even carried to and from class or retreat. These boards can be stacked keeping each block in a row in the correct orientation. Using design boards also keeps pieces from getting distorted, misplaced, or accidentally sewn in the wrong direction. Come make some stylish, ultra thin design boards of your own to accent your sewing space and save your sanity when dealing with a lot of little shapes that have to be sewn into a your next beautiful creation. NOTE: The design boards for the class samples fit perfectly into the Project Bag (another class offering at Minding My P's & Q's)

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